Natale Emiliano



Rituals, aggregation, sharing.

Period par excellence of reunions, repatriation, reunion - it is almost impossible to separate Christmas from food. Food is prepared, given, shared at Christmas. Food outlines and defines the social dynamics of the Christmas period, opportunities for aggregation develop around a table or counter. Food and its rituals are essential from Christmas.

Many at Christmas recall their family traditions and the land of origin: it is the time of the year to rediscover those slightly dormant and forgotten flavors during the rest of the year, the opportunity to eat tortelli "as he made them grandmother ”, drink the wine that his uncle brought, taken personally from a small producer, uncork the bitters from the glass cabinet and finish the meal with peanuts .


We have designed our BStradi Boxes thinking about Emilian rituals, aggregation and sharing and how to bring these values ​​to your tables.

This is how Mai Sensa, La Tipica, Da Spalmare and Per Addolcire are born - the complete kits are everything you need to face the holidays in Emilian style.

The products that are part of the BStradi BOX are typically Emilian or tell who BStradi is through the story behind their conception / creation. They have been selected so that they can be consumed in different situations of aggregation and sharing. In addition, they are long-life products and can be easily inserted in our boxes, therefore they can be transported without problems (with the exception of Batalàbar and Pisarei, which instead must be transported at a controlled temperature) 

OUR BOXES TOO CARE? If you think so, we explain why:

  • High quality of raw material : we select only the best raw materials from local suppliers
  • Handcrafted production : everything you find on our site has been created with love by the expert hands of our collaborators. From the pasta of our razdòre, to the wine of the Arquate hills, from Grana Padano km 0 to the original Chocolate Cake.
  • Involvement of small businesses, organic products and km 0 : all the fresh products used for production come from small local companies, like us, they are committed every day to create and supply quality artisan products.
  • Sustainable and recycled packaging : our boxes are made by Controversa , a Vicenza die cutter that transforms only recycled paper to create a unique and eco-sustainable packaging.


Our BStradi Boxes will be available for purchase on our website starting from November 15, 2022 and can arrive directly at your home via DHL courier.

We recommend buying La Tipica on 12/12 or 19/12 and freezing fresh pasta once the box is received. So it will be safe for the holidays!