BTruck - The BStradi Food Truck


The BTruck is the " verzolino " food truck of BStradi- the means by which we transport the Emilianity and our delicious proposals around Italy.

We participate in festivals, fairs, events and markets .

The adventure with the BTruck begins in July 2022 and stems from the enthusiasm to make the Emilian cuisine known and appreciated, and in particular that of Piacenza, outside the regional borders.

Wherever we are you can taste a piece of Emilia: close your eyes and you will feel at home.

potato cakeBatalabar

What do we prepare for you on the BTruck?

Tortelli for Walking



and much more Emilia!

tigelle with cooked shoulderbeans and pasta

The fresh ingredients to create the B-Truck dishes are seasonal and km0 , coming from dynamic local realities .

The flours that our razdòre (pasta makers) use for the production of pasta come from Piacenza mills .

Among our dishes you will always find plant-based proposals with an Emilian taste.



Not just festivals: our Piaggio Porter is suitable for organizing catering services with a personalized offer based on your requests and needs.
Birthday? Graduation party? Anniversary? Do you want to make a special surprise?
Contact us to create together the solution that best suits you and receive a quote for your event.
food truck
What can we offer you?
  • Appetizers
  • Brunch
  • Dinners
  • Picnic in the countryside
  • Catering for weddings
  • and so on! Propose and we will talk about it!


Do you want to surprise your collaborators with a plate of tortelli from Piacenza during their lunch break?
Were you thinking of organizing an aperitif in the company to exchange Christmas greetings?
We have what you need!
We organize ad hoc catering services for companies, both at the offices and at trade fairs (national and international).
Contact us for a personalized quote based on your needs.
BTruck Bleech


Model : Piaggio Porter NP6
Length : 4.5m / Width: 2m (open bench)
Engine power supply : petrol + GP
Hob power supply: certified gas system
Electrical : industrial three-pole socket 32A input, 16A output

Write to us here and we will get back to you soon.