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BStradi tells: Tortelli di Zucca

We love pumpkin, in all its forms and facets. But our Tortelli with pumpkin delica are truly unbeatable, a delight for the palate. A firm and elastic egg pasta contains a filling of baked pumpkin pulp flavored with amaretto and Grana Padano crumbs.

The shape is the classic one of the cappellacci but slightly larger.

As always, we select only the best ingredients, at km 0 and choosing the variety of pumpkin based on the month: from Estiva, to Delica and ending with Bertina.

Do you want to know how to create the perfect dish in just a few steps?
1. Take our Tortelli di Zucca, 4 minutes of cooking are enough to be ready
2. Put two tablespoons of Grana Padano cream per serving in a bowl
3. Drain the tortelli and put them in the bowl with the Grana Padano cream that will melt with the heat of cooking.
4. Finish with toasted and crumbled walnuts