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BStradi tells: Pisarei and Fasö

A poor dish with a rich flavor.
Pisarei and Fasö , a typical dish of the Piacenza tradition, are born from a cuisine in which nothing is wasted or thrown away, from a cyclical vision of the food itself. Stale bread, water, flour and a lot of manual skills at the base of these handmade dumplings.

The thick and enveloping bean sauce contains all the warmth of a timeless dish, steeped in tradition and simplicity. A rich sauté of onion, carrot and celery is prepared, shaded with Gutturnio, our local wine. In our recipe we add an element that gives the sauce a stronger and more elegant flavor: porcini mushrooms.

Our version is inclusive, suitable for those who follow a vegetable diet.

Where does the name come from?

" Pisarei " derives from the distortion of the term "bissa", that is the biscia of pasta which is the first step in the creation of small dumplings. After creating the pasta snake, it is divided by hand into many small dumplings, which are created by crushing them on the work table.

How to prepare them?

In a pot of boiling salted water, cook the Pisarei for 3 minutes. In a pan, heat the Borlotti Bean Sauce over low heat with plenty of extra virgin olive oil or butter. Add a large ladle of cooking water per serving to the sauce and mix. Drain the Pisarei and stir them in a pan over low heat with a knob of butter or oil. Finish with some Grana Padano if you prefer.