BStradi tells: Batalàbar

Why this particular name?

Batalàbar is a name that in Piacenza dialect means "flapping lips", literally this is what our tortello con la coda does: it flaps gently on your lips in a symphony of flavors. Yes, because the Batalàbar are closed by the expert hands of our pasta makers by intertwining the edges of the pasta and the closure looks just like a tail.

Tonic accent on the third syllable! This is how the name of our most iconic tortelli is pronounced: the Batalàbar.

Why are the classic tortelli with ricotta and spinach?

Our Batalàbar hand down an ancient family recipe carried on for years in the Stradivarius Restaurant. A thin, firm and elastic egg pastry that wraps a delicate filling, made up of simple and quality ingredients. Fresh cow's milk ricotta, spinach and Grana Padano make up the heart of our Batalàbar.

But the uniqueness of this dish is the seasoning. The watchword is simplicity and elegance: a clarified butter flavored with onion covers the Batalàbar. An innovative touch for a traditional Piacenza recipe. After the first taste you will already be amazed. 

How to prepare them?

They are very easy to prepare and ready in 3 minutes. Once cooked, dip the tortelli into a bowl and mix them with a spoonful of onion flavored clarified butter. A sprinkle of Grana Padano and you won't have to worry about anything else, let the dish do the talking!