The Salmon of Urk

From the Faroe Islands, for Urk, to Italy

A long journey that starts from the Faroe Islands where the Norwegian salmon is left in free movement in the containment tanks to ensure an elastic, firm and intense color flesh. Only the best fillets reach the Dutch town of Urk, where the processing takes place.

Handmade: cutting, salting and smoking

Each step of the processing is carried out by the expert hands of the master smokers who every day allow to obtain the best quality of hot and cold smoked Urk Salmon.

  • Only top quality freshest salmon
  • Entirely handmade
  • Without dyes, preservatives and artificial flavors


Hot smoked Urk salmon

Intoxicated by embers of secret varieties of local wood, the hot smoked Urk Salmon contains the aromas of a wild sea. A strong personality for strong smoking.

How to taste it

Heat a pot of hot water until it just comes to a boil. Then immerse the vacuum bag containing the salmon in the hot water for 3 minutes. Open the bag, take out the Hot Smoked Salmon and serve lukewarm. Excellent accompanied by a sparkling wine, to be enjoyed as an aperitif and appetizer on toasted bread, focaccia or artisan crackers. It is advisable not to correct with lemon juice, salt and pepper: the hot smoked Urk Salmon has a strong personality.

Cold smoked Urk salmon

The precious flavors of the Nordic seas are best enhanced by the skilful cold smoking that allows you to release all the elegance of Salmon. Cold smoked Urk Salmon is born from an expert and careful craftsmanship.

How to taste it

Open the bag 15 minutes before consuming. Serve at room temperature in combination with toasted bread with a spread of clarified butter. It is recommended to consume it alone, without adding lemon juice, salt or pepper: cold smoked Urk Salmon has an innate elegance.