About us - From Emilia with Hardcore

BStradi is the Contemporary Bottega in constant movement that collects and spreads the Emilianity by handing down the tradition of fresh handmade pasta and selecting the best raw materials from the Piacenza hills. 


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    OUR VISION - the beauty of Handmade

    The continuous experimentation is aimed at creating a dynamic gastronomic offer that follows the seasonality of natural products and at identifying the excellences of our Piacenza area. For this reason, both on the BTruck and in our E-Shop, our proposals will never be the same (with the exception of the best sellers!)

    Through food BStradi Bottega Contemporanea communicates what Emilia has most precious: the timeless culinary traditions, the result of constancy and sharing, at a slow and careful pace. Rediscovering the beauty of "handmade" through homemade pasta and genuine products, this is the mission.

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    For this reason, inside our Bottega Contemporanea you will find a careful selection of zero km, organic and biodynamic products from small companies and local realities.

    We want to bring our soul in motion also to your tables through a gastronomic box complete with fresh handmade pasta, accompanying sauce and Piacenza products of your choice.


    OUR MISSION - from people to raw materials

    It may seem like a cliché but it is really like this: we select the best raw materials to make handmade pasta, tortelli from Piacenza, and all our BStradi artisan products.

    The local companies we work and collaborate with share our eco-sustainable and dynamic vision, aimed at taking care of the raw material and understanding the needs of an increasingly green and eco-friendly market.

    The stimulus to the continuous search for zero km excellence of our territory is aimed at offering you a menu and products in continuous evolution. In this way you can count on an always up-to-date offer with the appetite to discover the new products resulting from our curiosity.

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    We are a young and dynamic reality but we are also very tied to the traditions of our beautiful Emilia Romagna that can only be handed down thanks to people, the most precious origin of raw materials. This is why the manual work of our pasta makers is so precious that we tell you about it in every dish that comes out of our food truck and from every box you will receive at home.

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    OUR HISTORY - But what if ...?

    BStradi was born on April 28, 2022 from the idea of ​​Susanna, Angela and Isabella, with a common setting: the Stradivarius Restaurant. Due to the lockdown imposed by the government, at Christmas 2020 it was not possible to carry out the ritual traditional catering service and ritual service of the Christmas holidays. To make up for the impossibility of welcoming customers to the restaurant, it was decided to carry out a home delivery service and shipments of Christmas packages that contained the dishes on the menu but in kit format. Therefore, a selection of typical and local products begins to be defined, as well as the fresh handmade pasta, which distinguishes the Stradivarius Restaurant. Given the success of the initiative, we thought about how to make the structure stable and lasting over time.

    The months of January, February, March and April 2021 were used for the design and planning of the new business that took the name of BStradi Bottega Contemporanea:  it is the 2.0 version of the restaurant tradition, a container of local products of excellence that revolves around the heart of Emilian cuisine - fresh handmade pasta. In addition, BStradi has created its own line of sauces, pesto, creams and spreads to be combined with fresh pasta sold in the Bottega.

    La Bottega Contemporanea has a physical place where retail sales are carried out in Castell'Arquato and opened its doors on May 1, 2021. Parallel to the retail business, BStradi has always offered catering service and organization of events in the area, as well as participated in fairs and events to expand their brand.

    Since July 2022, BStradi has also been on the move thanks to the acquisition of the B-Truck, a food truck that exports Emilia around Italy and spreads the good cuisine of our land. Festivals, concerts, fairs, private and corporate events - the channels of the BStradi food truck.