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To Sweeten

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Everything you need to end the meal and enjoy a sweet break, whether at the end of the meal, in the middle of the day, with a cup of tea or coffee from the steaming mocha. A bit of Piacenza to taste and share in company , perhaps in front of the fireplace.

Each box contains:

  • The original Chocolate Cake , 450g *
  • Tarocco Orange Marmalade , 180g
  • Bargnolino / Nocino , 200ml
  • Ecuador Bagai chocolate , 50g

Who do I give the Sweet Box to?

  • I take the box to grandma / aunt's house for dessert
  • I give the box to a * friend * who loves bargnolino or nocino but I want a complete kit with which to taste it
  • I give the box to a * friend * who loves Vigolo cake
  • I don't know what to give, dessert always saves

Order yours Per Sweeten by December 16th to receive it in time for Christmas!

* The cake has a maximum shelf life of 14 days from the date of production.