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  • Castellacci di Guanciale di vitello con sugo di funghi Porcini
  • Castellacci
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BStradi Bottega Contemporanea


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The tortello that handed down the stories of the castle.

The slow cooking of the veal cheek allows us to make a filling that you will hardly forget. At the first bite an explosion of rich and decisive flavors enclosed in our fresh handmade pasta.

The Castellacci are our timeless tortelli, born from a careful experimentation between quality raw materials and tradition.

How to serve them : with our Porcini Mushroom Sauce .


FLOUR 00, EGGS, veal cheek, carrots, CELERY, onion, GRANA PADANO, salt.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product

Energy : 173.34 Kcal


39.52 g


49.60 g


27.85 g