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BStradi Bottega Contemporanea


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Literally this is what our Batalabàr does ® : with its tail it flaps softly on your lips making your heart beat. After the first taste you will already be amazed thanks to the enveloping and delicate taste of the ricotta and spinach filling and to the fresh handmade pasta , firm and elastic, right point.

We select only the best raw materials of the area to prepare the best tortelli from Piacenza that we can offer you.

The pasta is made with eggs from free-range hens and flour from Piacenza mills, kneaded and pampered with love.

The stuffing of Batalabar ® is as simple as it is elegant and difficult to replicate. This is why we choose only ricotta from Caseificio Valcolatte , the creamiest on the market. Fresh spinach and Grana Padano - coming from our hills - give body and the right flavor to the delicacy of the ricotta.

The Batalàbar ® are our tortelli from Piacenza with the tail, woven one by one by the hands of our pasta makers (which in dialect we call razdòre ). Every small gesture brings with it the long Emilian tradition of fresh handmade pasta, of the grandmothers with the apron dirty with flour and stuffing, who knead in their kitchens where the wooden table topped by the pastry board reigns supreme

We select only the best raw materials of the area to prepare the best tortelli from Piacenza that we can offer you.

Why are they different from the classic Piacenza tortelli?

They are not the usual tortelli with ricotta and spinach, in our recipe the peculiarity lies in the sauce: put the butter and sage aside and let yourself be conquered by the aroma of the Onion-flavored Clarified Butter . A slowly melted butter in a bain-marie together with very fine slices of golden onion which is subsequently filtered. The onion releases its aroma in the butter, even if it is not physically present in it.


With our Onion-flavored Clarified Butter and a sprinkling of Grana Padano.


00 flour, eggs, cow's milk ricotta, spinach, GRANA PADANO, salt, nutmeg.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product:

Energy : 224.58 Kcal


37.92 g


34.73 g


27.07 g


  • 400g of Batalàbar®
  • Onion flavored clarified butter

Once you have received the box, we recommend that you freeze the pasta in case you do not know when to cook it or if you will consume it after the expiration date.